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Bruce Bingham



Spicewood, Texas

Artist's Statement

As a professional oil painter for more than 30 years Bruce has developed a colorful expressive style regardless of subject matter. After living abroad in Europe for over a decade she is delighted to return to the United States and settle in the greater Austin area. Currently she is enjoying painting the local color and unique venues that 'Keep Austin Weird'.  Her work is internationally collected in 14 countries both privately and corporately.

"My childhood was divided between a horse farm and a quiet beach.  I grew up riding horses and drawing the things I adored. I love living in Texas and painting quirky Austin places and am nostalgic about cowboy life in wide open spaces."  

“I believe we live in a world filled with wonder, surrounded by hidden beauty naturally embedded everywhere. Many miss it, some never see it, and others overlook it.”


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Telephone: 512-669-8081


"Shake it Out"

Oil on Museum Board

When I was five I was completely in love with Roy Rogers and all things cowboy.  In fact I refused to answer unless people called me Roy.  Decades later I will answer to my real name and still love all things cowboy, especially my husband!

Dimensions: 12" H x 9" W
$950 framed
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"Wiggy's Liquor"

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Perhaps because of so many years over seas, I'm particularly interested in expressing these rustic uniquely American places with character.

Dimensions: 40" H x30" W
$3,500 unframed
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