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Lorraine Bushek

Portland, OR

Artist's Statement

With influences as diverse as the Venetian techniques of 17th - 18th century painters and today’s alla prima style, I vary my work between realistic still lifes and relaxed, light-hearted animal portraits.   I paint in oil and prefer a classic limited palette when painting a still life and a contemporary palette when painting animals.  With either subject, I work using the Bistre method until I feel I have the under painting perfectly laid out.  It is at this point I move to full color.

Drawing and painting have been a lifelong passion for me.  My first foray into art — drawing on the shelf lining paper in my mother’s cupboards — started around age five.  Much later, under the guidance of Nelson Sandgren, I studied fine art and graphic design at Oregon State University.

A native Oregonian, I live in Portland with my husband and many rescued cats and rabbits.  For me, painting rabbits was a natural fit, considering my house rabbit Billy Bob lives cage-free in my studio. Volunteering for The Rabbit Advocates and The Oregon Humane Society since 1995 has given me considerable knowledge of rabbits and their nature.

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"Copper Pot and Green Glass"

Dimensions: 18"H x 18"W
$800 framed
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"Holy Cow"

Oil and Gold Leaf
Dimensions: 12"Hx 12"W
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