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Virginia Carroll

Tucson, Arizona

Artist's Statement

Although I have been seriously involved with art since a young child, I only discovered colored pencil in 2006. I finally felt that I had found my perfect niche in the art world! I am more comfortable with this medium, its techniques and processes than I have been with any other medium with which I have worked. I show my work in many national and international juried exhibitions.

Colored Pencil Society of America
CPSA District Chapter #212
International Guild of Realism
Associate Member Women Artists of the West
Arizona Art Alliance
Tucson Colored Pencil Artists' Assoc.
Tucson Mountains Artist Collective
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Hilltop Gallery Nogales, Az.

1961-62 Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga
1982-84 Pima Community College Tucson, Az
1984 University of Arizona
2006-07 Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute
Numerous workshops sponsored by the above Colored Pencil groups

The Dark Side
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Dappled Appaloosa
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Phone: 520-743-9680


Reflections on the Dark Side

"Reflections On The Dark Side"

Colored pencil
I love reflections, be it in a mirror, a wine glass, a body of water. In this case, it is a store window. Add to that the color, the manikins and the cast shadows, I found this to be a fascinating composition with which to work.
Dimensions: 19" H x 25" W
$2,000.00 unframed
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Dappled Appaloosa

"Dappled Appaloosa"

Colored pencil

There are several qualities about this subject that inspired me. The rhythm of the stance was very appealing, the play of light and shadow was interesting and the beautiful coloration of the horse added to the overall composition. I find that I enjoy drawing animals with such grace and beauty.

Dimensions: 26" H x 17" W
$2,000.00 framed
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