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Susan Carson

Pekin, Illinois

Artist's Statement

As a central Illinois artist I graduated from Illinois State University with a BFA and MS in painting and drawing and for quite awhile I expressed myself in color and line doing a series of non-representational painting inspired by classical music. Now, I share my passion to create as an art instructor at Illinois Central College, a local community college. As a way to teach students to pay attention to values…especially gray values, I created a series of mountain paintings based on photos from a trip to Canada. Whether painting realism or non-representational work, I have found that they enhance each other with a special energy. I hope the viewer appreciates the variety my work offers.

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" Ice Flow"

Acrylic on illustration board
This achromatic painting is based on a trip to the ice fields in Alberta, Canada. The black and white value changes were perfect for showing the rocky and formidable structure of this part of Glacier National Park. This ice field is shrinking so this painting may represent a significant loss of the landscape.
Dimensions: 5 1/2"H x 7 3/4"W
$300 framed
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"The Creation Story"

Here is a painting inspired by classical music which is wonderful for expression in the visual arts. Part of my non-representational series where color and line are the most important elements and paint is applied as though orchestrated by a conductor with a baton rather than an artist with a brush. I hope you enjoy the energy that transpires here.
Dimensions: 30"H x 24"W
$500 gallery wrapped
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