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Donna J. Caulton



Chamisal, NM

Artist's Statement

Unlike many artists, I didn’t begin making images until my mid 30’s. The two dimensional surface fascinated me. I began with watercolors, a natural choice of medium in the watery Pacific Northwest, and developed a language of image-making that has stayed with me since.

When I moved to the mountains of Northern New Mexico on 2007, my world and my artwork opened up in ways I never imagined. It is a land of high mountain air, abundant sun, striking visual landscape and strong cultural influences. My colors immediately became bold. My immediate environment sustains plants, animals and their inter-relationships that inform the work I now make.

I am interested in cycles of life. Many of my pieces relate a plant form and an animal form in a symbiotic relationship. Birds are abundant; as are the plants and insects they need for food and shelter. Seasonal changes alter those relationships. Humans relate to land and seasons though ritual and ceremony in close association with earth and her creatures. These things have always captured my imagination and I never tire of or run out of ideas for developing my artwork in connection to the circle of life.

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"Alice's Circle of Enchantment"

Acrylic on canvas

Each morning by 6AM, during our Fellowship at Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, my neighbor and friend, Alice, came outside to commune with the magpies for hours. She has since died and this painting is a tribute to her love of birds and to our shared time in Taos.

Dimensions: 32" H x 32" W
$1,075 framed
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"Summoning the Ancestors"

Acrylic on board

In Native ritual, during some Datura ceremonies, “Snake” is summoned as the spirit of an ancestor who acts as guardian and helper.

Dimensions: 12" H x 12" W
$450 gallery wrapped
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