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Kate Dardine

Fort Collins, Colorado

Artist's Statement

Kate Dardine was born and raised in Connecticut and graduated with a BA in Illustration from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. In 1988 she realized a life-long dream when she moved to the plains of Colorado.

Inspired artistically by Marc Chagall and Franz Marc and spiritually by the writings of Eckhart Tolle, Don Miquel Ruiz and Ted Andrews, as well as the shamanistic traditions of cultures across the world, Kate incorporates her reverence for the natural world into her paintings.

Kate explains, “I try to keep my paintings simple to allow the viewer to slow down and look deeper and feel the nurturing and healing rhythm of the universe. The animals I paint seem to want to communicate with the viewer as if they are guides that appear to help us along our Journey through Life.”

Kate has her studio in the log home on 11 acres that she shares with her husband, horses, dogs, cat and the various wild critters who call the fields “home.” Her work is in national and international corporate and private collections. She has been juried into and has received awards in national shows.
Between Times and Places
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Sacred Warrior
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Between Times and Places

"Between Times and Places"

Artwork Medium

Foxes embody feminine energy and are masters at camouflage. Their realm is the "between times" of dusk and dawn, and they are said to be shapeshifters.

Dimensions: 4"H x 4"W
$125 framed
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cred Warrior

"Sacred Warrior


With the moon setting in the background, the Sacred Warrior watches the dawning of a new era, when the balance of nature will be restored and the sacredness of all forms of life will be understood and celebrated.

Dimensions: 30" x 30" x 15" deep 
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