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Janene DiRico-Cable

Castle Rock, Colorado

Artist's Statement

I believe, as the Native Americans do, that horses are spiritual, mystical creatures.  They speak to the certain wildness in our own souls.  I hope to capture some of that spirit in each of my pieces.  Horses are characters and have such unique personalities.  I want to portray horses doing what horses do naturally- not what we, as caretakers, make them do.

Veryl Goodnight’s “Spirit Horse” at the Leanin’ Tree Western Museum in Boulder, Colorado inspired me to take her workshop and begin bronze sculpting.  I found I have a natural ability for three dimensional works.  From there, I have taken various classes and workshops around the country.

I belong to the American Academy of Equine Art, associate Women Artists of the West and several art guilds. 

 Some awards include Denver Arts in Business, Depot Fine Arts Gallery and Lone Tree Fine Arts Exhibit.  My work is in private collections in the USA and Europe.  I will expand into museum collections in the near future.

Spirits in the Wind Gallery in Golden, Colorado (, and Desert Feather Gallery in Wickenburg, AZ  handles my gallery sales.

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"Triple Threat"

Bronze - edition of 25

Powerful horses portrayed as beginning a jump, mid flight and gracefully landing on one foot... the center horse is suspended by the other two giving the viewers' imagination ample opportunity to fill in the obstacle.  This piece is set on two separate bases with travertine marble.

Dimensions: 15"H x 30"W x 7"D
$5,000 plus shipping & insurance
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Bronze - edition of 125

This contemporary bronze inspires the "flight of fancy" in all of us.  Some feel a sense of whimsy while some see mystery and intrigue.  The patina is a gray concrete-looking finish but is still the fine sought-after bronze.

Dimensions: 23.5"H x 9.5"W x 4"D
$2500 plus shipping and insurance
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