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Robbie Fitzpatrick

Magnolia, TX

Artist's Statement

Robbie's life before watercolor focused on writing, with frequent forays into artistic pursuits.  After finishing her education with a Ph.D. from Texas A&M, she retired from teaching college English and began concentrating seriously on her art.  She began with pottery, moving quickly to pencil drawings, and then watercolor.   With watercolor, she discovered her wish to tell stories through her painting. Dedicated to a realistic style of portraying everything from landscapes, still lifes, and portraits, Robbie most enjoys painting moments in the lives of animals.  That love has guided her into numerous acceptances into watercolor exhibitions, a Signature Membership in the New Mexico Watercolor Society and the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, and  juried memberships in the Society of Animal Artists, International Guild of Realism, and Women Artists of the West.   

"I love both the creation and sharing of art, so it makes sense to me that my artistic goal is to communicate a message--emotional, reminiscent, inspiring, or amusing--with each piece.  Though watercolor can be a frustrating medium to work with, I love the transparency, the colors, the emotion, and the "life" I can achieve with it.  I must also admit that being a problem-solver, I enjoy the challenges!"

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"Foot of the Bed"


I walked into the bedroom, and there was our younger female Ridgeback, sprawled across the foot of the bed.  Seeing the beautiful light and shadows coming through the window,  I told her to "stay," pulled out my cell phone, and snapped pictures.  I had to paint her just like that.

Dimensions:18"x 13"
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Artwork Medium

One of my favorite still life paintings, this painting has won numerous awards.  The toe shoes shown were given to me by a dear friend who had actually danced in them.  This picture is about memories and dreams, and whatever those are for anyone who sees it.

Dimensions: 11"x 14"
$2,500 framed
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