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Shirley Gipson

Round Rock, Texas  

Artist's Statement

My passion has always been painting.  I’ve only been painting for a few years professionally; however, art has always been a part of my life.  It excites me to create the illusion of depth and form using my favorite medium – oils.  I love spending the majority of my days in the studio losing track of time and growing in knowledge (a never ending awakening of new discoveries) of the art style I truly love – that of traditional realism.  I live and have work in several galleries in Central Texas with hopes to expand my horizons to other areas.  My greatest pleasure is in knowing when my art stirs the emotions of the observer.

Recent accomplishments include:
2012 Salon International Exhibit Acceptance;
2013 Imagine Art Exhibit (winning Best in Show – judges Rae Andrews,
       Michael Epps and James Minot); and
2013 Salon International (winning the Merit Award for the Still Life category and Jury
      Top Fifty – judge Max Ginsburg) 

Current Affiliations:
American Women Artist
Oil Painters of America
Women Artist of the West

Cactus Jack’s Fine Art Gallery (Gruene, Texas)
Gallery off the Square (Georgetown, Texas)
Open Door Gallery – HCBC (Leander, Texas)
Eggs and Enamel
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Savory Spill
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This artist has her own website. To visit click HERE

phone: (505) 281-9329


Eggs and Enamel

"Eggs and Enamel"

oil on linen

My Grandmother’s kitchen was supplied with only the essentials.   Eggs and Enamel combined a few of the items I remember very well as a child… big breakfasts made with lots of eggs gathered from the chicken coop, a multipurpose colander to catch the shells and hot coffee to warm the soul. 

Dimensions: 16" H x 20" W
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Savory Spill

"Savory Spill"

Oil on linen panel


Dimensions: 10" H x 14" W
$1400.00 framed
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