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Kim Hill

Tyler, Texas

Artist's Statement

Kim Hill's work brings a unique flair to the North American art market. Her sensitive depiction of light and color emphasizes the richness of the world around us.

Her formal art education includes study at the Paier School of Art (Hamden, Connecticut) the American Academy of Art (Chicago, Illinois) and the Atelier (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

In recent years, Kim has also participated en plein air studies with the Outdoor Landscape Painters' Society. Kim has been a member of the Women Artists of the West, American Society of Cultural Realism, Oil Painters of America, The Pastel Society of the Southwest, the Outdoor Oil Painter's Society and the Portrait Society of America.

Kim has won many awards in local, regional and international shows, including Salon International 2002 - 2008 International Contemporary Masters of Fine Art, Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas. She also garnered an award in the 2007 North American Miniature Show, Top 40, Greenwich, Connecticut and won both the CAP Award (purchase award) and a Gold Medal in other media at the Bosque National Art Competition in Clifton, Texas.

Rip and Snort
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The Line Backers
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Contact the Artist via Email

This member has her own web site. Click HERE to visit it.

Phone: 903-534-1974


"Rip and Snort"

This piece was reproduced through Small Work North America Exhibition with the Greenwich Workshop Gallery in Connecticut.
Dimensions: 8"H x 12"W
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"The Linebackers"

This is entered in the Small Works North America Show.
Dimensions: 9"H x 12"W
$1400 framed
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