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Mary Ann Manning

Salem, New Hampshire

Artist's Statement

My interest in art began at a very early age.  In grade school, I looked forward to Friday afternoon, as that was the designated time for “art”.   Not having had the opportunity to pursue a formal education in art, I studied with Merrimack Valley area artist Guy Pennisi and later attended a year of evening semesters at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA.

Off and on during the following years while raising a family, I enjoyed various forms of art.  Decorative painting was a fascinating area and I taught a beginners class for two years.  Through Adult Education programs, I pursued drawing and perspective with Salem, NH area artist, Lynn Karam; watercolor with Salem, NH area artist, Marcia Harris and at the Essex Art Center, watercolor with Bruce Weiner; watercolor seminar with Jeremiah Patterson at the Sharon Arts Center, Sharon, NH. 

 As the desire to pursue painting became more intense, I left full-time employment to learn, expand and enjoy fine art and different mediums.  I studied drawing, oil and acrylic painting, with NH area artist Susan Kneeland; still life and portraiture with Copley Master, Mark Hayden; as well as group workshops in drawing and painting.  A summer workshop in oil portraiture with Daniel Greene, in North Salem, NY. was a joyful experience.  Studied design and watercolor with Beth Patterson, MWS, NWS, WW.  Workshops and seminars are ongoing.

I teach painting and drawing at the Methuen Senior Center and through adult education classes in both Salem and Derry, NH.

My works have been exhibited in these groups and have received various awards. 

The mediums I work in are:  acrylic, watercolor, charcoal.  My goals are simple, to produce work that is expressive of myself, enjoyable to others in subject matter, color and form and bespeak something of the person I am.

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Wool Day at Canterbury Shaker Village

"Wool Day at Canterbury
Shaker Village"

The inspiration came from a visit to Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH where there are vendors who show and sell their works made from home spun yarns and I took pictures of some of the works and displays.
Dimensions: 21"H x 27"W
$900 framed
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Reflections" was painted from a picture I took in a gift shop in Peterborough, NH.  The reflections were so very interesting.

Dimensions: 17"H x 25.5"W
$850 framed
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