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Sharon Markwardt

Burleson, Texas

Artist's Statement

As a fifth-generation native Texan, and a fourth-generation artist, Sharon Markwardt naturally strives to be a pioneer in her artwork.  Though she still enjoys watercolors, abstract work, and commissions, a few years ago her horse nudged her into oils and the Western genre. 
 “Everything clicked.  I’m fascinated by the colorful characters and gear, and a horse in motion is an irresistible subject.” 

The results are award-winning paintings with strong design and bright color usage, just a bit on the modern edge of the west. 

Sharon earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington, and has shown in many juried shows and galleries.  A member of several art groups, Sharon volunteers as President of the nonprofit Russell Farm Art Center where she also teaches.  She lives just south of Fort Worth, Texas.

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Trail's End
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Oil on canvas

As this cell-phone-packing rancher and his mount contemplate the terrain, what are they thinking?  Colorful rendering offsets the quiet mood of the painting.

Dimensions: 24"H x 36"W
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"Trail's End"

Oil on Canvas
Worn out and dirty, but still bold and bright, this cowboy looks like he’s at the end of the trail...or at least his boots are! 
Dimensions: 30"H x 40"W
$1500 gallery wrapped
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