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Donna Merchant-Crooks

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Artist's Statement

Having a deep appreciation for the raw and untouched that I find in nature, I currently live in the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado. My work is greatly influenced by this environment.

As a lifelong self-taught artist I have worked in many mediums.  Currently I create in wood and bronze. I design and carve doors, mantles, and furniture...  and sculpt and cast in bronze.  My work often has a western flair though it’s not limited to this style.
As of late, I am interested in combining wood and bronze in the same piece.  Both mediums have strengths that accent each other and inspire various creative and structural challenges.

Most of my work has been commissioned. I enjoy working directly with clients transferring their ideas and visions into form.  My work can be found in collector’s homes and businesses across the U.S.
As an artist, I recognize that space when the muse comes into play and my work is transformed. I don’t understand how that bit of magic transpires, but when it does, I welcome the experience. This ultimately, is why I continue to work as an artist... the challenges, the growth, the magic…it’s all there.


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phone: 970-903-3405


"Line Dance"

Wood & Bronze

I wanted to create a piece that mirrors western spirit with all the boot scootin’ boogie I could carve.  Thus “Line Dance” came into form.  It is made of carved poplar with a bronzed hammered and tooled belt separating the carving from the leather upholstery.

Dimensions: 22”x 54”x 54”
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"Tal Vez Manana"

Bronze - Limited edition of 30

“Tal Vez Manana” (Perhaps Tomorrow) reminds me that whichever side of an issue I am on these days (there are so many to choose from), it is good to remember that we all “walk on our ancestors bones.” We all have hopes and desire for a better life, future, and existence. When we forget the humanity on either side, we have really missed what matters.

Dimensions: 16”H x25”Wx 28”L
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Last updated 12/01/2014
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