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Marti Millington

East Peoria, Illinois

Artist's Statement

I often have to display a sign in my art work display to deter people from touching the animal in the painting because "it looks so real." My paintings are realistic depictions of the wildlife and horses I love. My purpose for doing so is to present a living, breathing creature that feels pain, cares for and protects its family, and makes survival decisions every day of its life. It's not just a "pretty picture," it is nature happening.

More importantly, through my art, I want to inspire others to appreciate the wildlife and habitat that is in jeopardy of disappearing forever. As more people embrace preservation and conservation of what we still have - the less likely we are to have a future with only "pretty pictures" of what we lost.

"As a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation, I donate proceeds from my sales to various conservation organizations to help ensure the future of the wildlife and wild places they inhabit."

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Don't Take my Home
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"Monarch of the Plains"

Oil on linen

I was extremely honored that “Monarch” was selected for inclusion in the
Artists for Conservation 2011 International Exhibition and the American
Plains Artists 27th Annual Exhibit (2011).

Dimensions: 14" H x 18" W
$2,500.00 framed
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Don’t Take My Home

"Don’t Take My Home"

Acrylic on Canvas

The proceeds from the sale of this painting will be donated to the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign to help save America’s wild mustangs.

Dimensions: 10" H x 8" W
$750.00 framed
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