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Laurie Justus Pace

Dallas. Texas

Artist's Statement

Laurie’s journey in life has encompassed many careers from runway model to graphic artist, from musician to singer, from teacher to artist. She believes the greatest influence in her life is God, the ultimate creator, and the spirit behind her work.

Constantly pushing the edge, pressing in her work for discovery and celebration, her compositions change with color and dimension setting the pace for a unique painting every time with a new journey. Viewing one of Laurie’s paintings is a rich experience that drips with color and emotion.  Her passionate works are alive with movement, boldly created a palette knife and wide brush.  She loves working with oils, dramatically carving out the paint and transferring her energy to the canvas and ultimately on to the viewer.

Laurie is a co-founder of four working groups of artists,, Artists of Texas, Daily Painters of Texas and the Five Graces.  She is Executive Editor/CEO of Visual Language Magazine and an associate member of WAOW and OPA, AWS, Daily Painters, and International Equine Artists. 

Galleries: Mirada Fine Art, Colorado; The Rare Gallery, Wyoming; The Dutch Art Gallery, Texas; South Hill Gallery, Kentucky; Davis & CO Texas

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Color Rising

"Color Rising"

Mixed Media
Color Rising is one of the highly collected pulled painted pony compositions of Laurie Pace. Using a palette knife to pull color vertically on the canvas, Pace finds the forms of her horses in the movement of the paint.

Dimensions: 24" H x 36" W
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The Usual Suspects

"The Usual Suspects"


The Usual Suspects contemporary wildlife wolf painting was created through the pulling of thick buttery oil paints onto the surface of the canvas by palette knife. It is featured through Mirada Fine Art in Denver.

Dimensions: 32"H x 48"W gallery wrapped
Price: $5400
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