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Amy Charissa Scott

Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Artist's Statement

I started riding before I could walk; holding the reins before a pencil.  Horses have always been my love and passion and it is no wonder that they were my earliest subjects and focus.  What began as sketches and doodles of horses on napkins and kid’s menus slowly evolved into graphite drawings and later into paintings. 

My love of horses expanded into a love of fine art and the quest to be an artist.  It is the drive to capture the beauty, grace, and emotion of horses that pushes me to grow as an artist with each piece that I create.  The horses themselves were my instructors:  I learned their structure by feeling them, their movement by watching and working with them, and of course their personalities by being around them. 

I now work mainly in oil, pastel, pencil, and pen and ink, and while horses are not my only subjects, they truly have influenced every stroke in my personal and professional life.
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Pastel on velour paper

In this piece I really wanted to capture that strength of determination and focus that is necessary to reach the heights of competition.  The constant strive for just a little bit more.

Dimensions: 20"H x 16"W
$5,500 framed
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The working relationship between human and horse is breathtaking to behold.  In Renegade I wanted to capture the adrenaline rush of the cowboy already half out of the saddle, and the run away calf that doesn’t even know he is caught yet.

Dimensions: 18"H x 24"W
$1,200 framed
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