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Kay Stratman



Jackson, WY

Artist's Statement

Kay Stratman graduated in art from Minnesota State University-Moorhead, beginning her art career as a graphic designer in Minneapolis, where she also studied Asian painting. Her focus now is a contemporary expressive interpretation of all things wild, with a hint of Asian influence. Kay lives in Jackson, Wyoming, exhibiting nationally, teaching and interpreting wild landscapes with spontaneous brushstrokes of vibrant watercolors on gold and silver shikishi boards.

“An important element of my life and painting is simplicity.  But no matter how simple a painting may appear at first glance, I hope the viewer will notice something new each time they look at it, whether it is a gently shaded sky or a distant river created by meandering drips of watercolor. Each drip, splash and brushstroke exists to be studied, savored and enjoyed.”


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watercolor on silver shikisi board

I never tire of the wild beauty we see everyday in Jackson Hole.  This painting depicts the “spindrift” forming at the top of the Grand Teton.  I hope it reminds people of such wild places and why they are so important to all of us.

Dimensions: 24" H x 16" W
$2,750 framed
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"Last Light on the Buffalo Fork"

watercolor on gold shikisi board

Mount Moran is the massive mountain looming over the north end of Jackson Hole.  The last light of a sunset illuminates the Buffalo Fork River as it flows towards Moran and the Snake River. 

Dimensions: 24" H x 20" W
$3,400 framed
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