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Eve Werner



Chico, California    

Artist's Statement

Eve Werner is an award-winning painter whose work explores natural subjects with underlying personal symbolism.  She is known for her vivid use of color and values in expressively painted figurative work.  Her current foci are native California trees and wild horses.

Of her Equine series, Werner states:
“Their sensual movement and natural elegance, the way light plays on their curves, and their recurring appearance in myths world-wide make horses irresistible to me.  For this series, I extract images from photographs that I take then play with compositions, color, and values to heighten the emotional impact while welcoming subconscious input on femininity, sensuality, wildness, and freedom.”

Of her California Arborescence series, Werner states:
“This series taps the beauty of the distinct and varied native trees that define our forests and describe our California landscapes. Our native trees are the bones from which shrubs, lichens, groundcovers, and even wildlife, hang. As a landscape architect used to selecting tree species for their ability to “behave” properly in a given constructed setting, I am awed by our natives’ evolved capacity to perfectly serve and thrive in their distinct ecosystems.”

Werner’s art is found in galleries and private collections throughout the United States.
Mountain Storm
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This member has her own web site. Click HERE to visit it.
phone:(530) 809-0510



"Pinus ponderosa ‘Fireworks’ (Ponderosa Pine)"

Oil on canvas with handmade frame

This painting is from my series exploring native California trees.  This pine grows in Inyo National Forest, near Mammoth Lakes, CA, at 8,000' elevation.  The accompanying hand-made frame features natural materials gathered from beneath the subject tree.

Dimensions: 48" H x 36" W
$3450.00 framed
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Oil on canvas

Part of my series on the wild horses of the American west, Substance evokes the raw, tenuous life of these horses.

Dimensions: 36" H x 48" W
$2950.00 unframed
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