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Linda West



Olympia, Washington

Artist's Statement

Linda West is a sculptor from Olympia, Washington. She was born in Seattle, Washington.

Linda works in both water and oil based clay. The abstract styling of her work makes each piece an original.

Linda draws the subject for design and form then builds the armature. She adds the clay and slowly the sculpture comes alive. The clay sculpture can be kiln fired then completed with a Raku finish or have a mold made for future bronzes

Linda is an Professional Member of Portrait Society of the Americas, Associate Member of the National Sculpture Society, Associate Member of Portrait Society of America, Associate Member of the Women Artist of America, Associate Member of the Women Artist of the West.

Education and Studies:

Master Sculptor Christina Mikulasek - Pietrasanta, Italy figurative and portrait sculpture

Scottsdale Art School
Bruno Lucchesi specializing in "Terracotta Sculpture"
Lincoln Fox "Creativity Expressed Through Sculpture"
Simon Kogan "Sculpting the Truth"
Stanley Bleifield "Sculpture: Figures in Composition"
Eugene Daub "The Draped Figure: The Garment as a Compositional Element"
Barbel Dieckmann"The Figure in Clay"
Betty Gatliff "Forensic Sculptures"
John Coleman "Sculpting the Human Form"

Martine Vaugel - Figurative sculpting and armatures in Les Cerqueux Sous Passavant of Vihiers, France


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This member has her own web site. Click HERE to visit it.

Telephone: 360-288-7707



bronze. edition: 20

"Senegalese" was inspired by the captivating beauty and grace of the African women of Senegal.

Dimensions: 15"H x 8"W x 8"D
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"He Who Watches"

bronze. edition: 20

Native American Crow culture is the inspiration and creative expression behind "He Who Watches", an intense warrior watching over his tribe.

Dimensions: 15"H x 9"W x 8"D
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