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Jill Westbrook



Stillwater, OK

Artist's Statement

My mother told people the first thing I drew was a horse ~at age 3 in the dust on the kitchen floor of the little white clapboard parsonage in the Wisconsin’s North woods.

In 1963, our family took a trip “Out West”, stopping at all the obligatory places: Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, etc. In SE Washington lay “Horse Heaven Hills” ~ which disappointingly, held not one horse; to salve my dissolution my mother said, “Can’t you just picture all those wild horses out there?” I could.

That trip burned into me a longing to return to my heart home ~ the West ~ home of the cowboy, wild horse with vistas that set in me a desire I couldn’t fathom but tried to fill by drawing and painting the things that called to my soul.

My art community was my older brother and father, both artists; Norsemen at heart.  In college I discovered CS Lewis’ and J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings.  In them I found a kindred spirit putting words to feelings welling up from the beauty of the West & North. They inspired my attempts to put that beauty to paper with my paltry pencil & paint.


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Telephone: 405-334-1623


"Old Bailey"

Prismacolor colored pencil

Meet Bailey, whose horn span was 103” when he died at the ripe old age of 17. He was trained to be ridden and would bow gracefully when asked. This is a life-sized rendering in prismacolor colored pencil, done as a triptych.  The entire piece when hung is 108 X 40” total.

Dimensions: 108" H x 40" W
$6,750 framed
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"Soul of a Horse"

graphite pencil

This is my horse, D’Artagnan, all dressed up in his Silver. He is an 19-year-old Black-bay Arabian and I have known him practically all his life. Anyone who loves horses knows how their wonderful soft, expressive eyes draw you in with grace and peace in a hectic or difficult day.

Dimensions: 14" H x 11" W
$850 unframed
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