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Lynn Thomas

Boulder, Wyoming

Artist's Statement

Lynn does artwork in oils, watercolors, pastels, pencils, encaustic. Her subject matter is also varied, but includes all things "Western". Her favorite subjects are horses and animals. She has been juried into shows nationwide and won hundreds of awards including many People’s or Artist’s Choice, Sweepstakes and Best of Show awards. She is also an author and poet. Lynn  has earned inclusion in Who’s Who of American Women.

Lynn lives on a ranch with her husband in the remote Big Sandy country of Sublette County Wyoming. The ranching heritage, undeveloped beauty of the area and abundant wildlife are inspiration for her artwork. She ran an outfitting business in the Jim Bridger Wilderness of the Wind River Mtns. for about 25 years, and her experiences there also gives her much resource material for her paintings.  My goal is to record the way of life and scenes around me.

Emeritus Member of Women Artists of the West
Pastel Society of the Northern Rockies
Cody Country Art League
Wyoming Artists Association
Mixed Media of Sublette County and others

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"Feeding With Toby and Bess"

Oil on Canvas
This is a typical ranching subject for me and was done as a commission. The owner of the piece ranches near Boulder WY. The background is the Wind River Mountains seen from their place, and with their black angus cattle in the distant field. Feeding with teams and sled in winter can still be seen in our area, but large machinery is gradually taking over this practice.
Dimensions: 24"x36"
$5000 for this size and type of painting.
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"Sacred Dreams of Father Sky"

Oil on stretched elk rawhide
I enjoy painting Native American themes. The elk rawhide seemed very suited to this painting of tipis in a serene aspen grove.  I have left the natural color of the rawhide showing in many places including the tipis. My reference was from a friend who made clothing and replicas of that era and attended mountain man encampments with these tipis.
Dimensions: 41"x51"
$3500 unframed
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"Dee's Pond"

Our local artists group often goes out painting plein air or for long weekend retreats into the mountains. Dee's Pond was done on one of these outings, at a friend's back yard in Wilson. She has a very lovely pond and wildflower garden habitat with the Tetons for a backdrop.
Dimensions: 11"x15"
$600 framed
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"Schiedeler Barn,
Wyoming Range"

Schiedeler Barn is a relic of the homestead era on a friend's ranch in the Wyoming Range. This watercolor painting shows that area with the mountain backdrop in early summer.  I often go out on sites like this to paint or gather reference material for studio painting. I think I captured the feeling this scene imparts.
Dimensions: 11"x15"
$600.00 framed
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