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Education Chair - Addren Doss
Educational presentations will be presented periodically to the group and will often be either free or discounted. They will be listed here. 

link to current workshops
Critique Groups:

There are four groups - one for each time zone in the US.  The west coast region has been up and running for over six months now and the members involved have felt this has been very worthwhile - whether or not they have work being critiqued. The eastern group is also meeting. The other groups are just getting started.  Each group meets once a month through a Zoom call.  If you are interested, contact Vicki Pedersen ( and she'll get you connected to the right group. 

Educational Blogs
Laura Pollak, "Living in the Shadows, Play in the Dark"
link to Debra Keirce's January Article, "Move the Needle"
Debra Keirce's March Article, "Consistency"
Elin Thomas, "Plein Air Painting for Beginners"
Elin Thomas, "Misty Light and Twilight Painting Tips"
Debra Keirce's April Article, "If It's Easy Should it Cost Less?"
Debra Keirce's Article, "Winning"


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