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WAOW Mentoring Program

Vicki Pedersen, Program Chair

Women Artists of the West is committed to helping member artists advance their artistic skills and professional business skills. Our mentoring program is designed to help member artists by pairing artists and mentors for critique and education sessions.

  • Artists who are interested in applying should contact Vicki Pedersen at She will send you a link to the application form.

  • Artists are paired with a mentor based what they are desiring to learn. The artist will be given 1-2 mentors from which to choose. The artist and the mentor will then communicate to set up their session.

  • Artists may be paired with a maximum of two different mentors per year.

  • The mentoring experience with each mentor is limited to two mentoring sessions, a maximum of 30-35 minutes each time.

  • The mentoring session may be held via a conference network such as Zoom or Face Time.

  • Artists and mentors will be asked for an evaluation of their experience after the sessions are completed.

  • The mentoring service is available to all current WAOW member artists at no charge – though a donation of $25 for WAOW is suggested.

Women Artists of the West Mentoring Program

For a downloadable description of the mentoring program, click HERE

$25 Donation Fee



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