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Meet the WAOWs

WAOW tries to be more...more than groups that treat artist as just a number. We hope to be a working family of professionals. This photo album is a fun way to "meet the WAOWs" and perhaps discover you have a WAOW sister in your state.

Send your head-shot to Nori if you aren't yet included, thanks!

Hit this link for memorable, fun or encouraging quotes from some of our members...Enjoy!

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Marble Surface

those WAOW quotable quotes...

“To me painting is like a language. The more you practice the more fluent you become..." Sarah Webber, Jackson, WY

Lori Rauchwerger, Associate from Tulsa Oklahoma... "Sometimes the drawings say it all and I stop there..."

Priya Ahlawat, Associate from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... "...Color, light, immediacy of brush strokes and the desire to evolve as an artist, motivates me to paint."

Sheryl Knight, Signature from Santa Maria California...  “I don’t think I will ever stop loving the process of putting oil paint on canvas and seeing something beautiful come out of it.  I am so thankful to be able to pursue this passion I call art.”

"I look for the underlying joy in the world to express in my sculpture..." Pokey Park, Signature from Tucson, Arizona

"...tell a “mini story” that will connect with the viewers." Doreen Irwin, Associate from Elverta, California

Mary Ann Cherry, Master from Idaho Falls, Idaho... "I think most realistic paintings need to be 90% mucky-muck and ten% 'snap'..."

"I love to paint in the American Southwest where time and erosion reveal the bones of the earth..." Nori Thorne, Signature from Sedona, Arizona

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