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How to join those special people who donate to WAOW


Art by accomplished women is still overlooked and at times even excluded from prestigious shows. Women Artists of the West wants to guarantee the advancement and visibility of the talented women who strive for - and achieve -  excellence. You can help!
Women Artists of the West (WAOW) is the oldest juried women’s art organization in the United States. A non-profit 501(c)3 organization, WAOW has always worked to create a group that treats its members as more than just a number. The extraordinary quality of the work produced by this body of women is inspiring. Creating in both 2D and 3D in a variety of genres and varying subject matter, each talented artist offers the viewer a unique vision.

Why support WAOW? Because the world needs the imaginative, the thought-provoking, the beautiful... and yes,  even a good dose of the fanciful.

Why not host an EXHIBITION?
WAOW is constantly searching for venues that would be excited to display 100-150 works of lovely art. We appreciate inquiries from art galleries, museums and art centers. 

Is your venue perfect?

"A Step Into The Wind" 

The inspiration for this piece comes from a quote by Henry Ford, “When

everything seems to be against

you, remember that an airplane

takes off against the wind.


”WAOW  is trusting our wings

and the wind to carry us

through. Your donation

to WAOW gives us exactly

that lift.  



Deanne McKeown, WAOW
48.5"h x 18"w x  10.5" 
Bronze and wood, One of a kind piece.


 $200 - $499 - FRIEND
  $500 - $999 - DONOR
$1000 - $2499 - PATRON
  $2500 - $4999 - ADVOCATE
  $5000  -  $10,000 - BENEFACTOR
  $10,000 or more - VISIONARY 

How YOU can support women artists...
Unrestricted Donations
Your tax-deductible donation to Women Artists of the West will help us achieve our purpose of uniting women artists; promoting appreciation of art created by women and encouraging technical excellence by educating artists and the public through exhibitions and workshops.

For more information or if you are interested in sponsoring WAOW, please contact the WAOW treasurer, Vicki Pedersen at

How about a SPONSORSHIP?
Help fund specific events and expenses associated with our annual national show or quarterly online shows. Your donation may sponsor:

  • Opening night exhibition reception: $1000
        -includes invitation to the national show and dinner

  • Digital ad design for a national art magazine: $500
       -Sponsor will receive recognition in the ad

  • A major exhibition award:    $250 - $2000
       -Award will be named for the sponsor

  • Full page print ad in a in a national magazine: $2500
    -includes invitation to the national show and dinner

  • Online jury system expense: $1500 - $2500     -includes invitation to the national show and dinner

  • National show Award juror stipend: $600
       -includes invitation to the national show and dinner

  • Local promotion for an exhibition:  $500 - $1000
    -includes invitation to the exhibition and dinner      

  • Workshop/educational program costs: $1000

  • Scholarships: $500/each    

  • Online show awards: $50 - $250
    -can be named after the sponsor

a step into the wind.jpg
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