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Our WAOW logos are for use in promoting the WAOW organization, it's activities and for member advertising. If you need a logo file in high resolution, please ask Nori to provide one in your desired format. Please use them in your own WAOW-related documents or send them on to advertisers/publishers/PR contacts, but please note:

Logos can be used only by Signature members and above, after the artist's name or in their ads. (Because most of our members want the logo for their ads, most of the files are in the preferred CMYK format.)

However, our valued WAOW associates may use the phrase, WAOW associate member in their ad or after their name, just not the logo, please. Thanks for understanding.

WAOW Logos for Promotion and Reproduction

EPS (Illustrator) files 

These are the preferred version for press/printing purposes. They can be sized to any size or "resolution". They can also be converted to image files (PhotoShop) at various sizes. Some of those are available below.


Best pick overall. A postscript file in CMYK (printing press colors).
Can be used at any size. 488K


A jpeg file for uploading to websites or other purposes..


An Illustrator "native" file sometimes required for uploading to websites or for other purposes.
Can be used at any size. 324K

JPG (PhotoShop) files

Image files that are usable for non-postcript purposes. They can be reduced in size. But it is NOT recommended to enlarge them—they will get blurry. The files saved in CMYK color are for printing purposes. For screen use (computers, etc) RGB color is preferred (and can be converted from the CMYK versions).


Approximately .75 x 1 "@ 300dpi. 828K  note the tiny size



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